Welcome to the Virtual Armed Forces!

Recruitment is currently open for the 111th Aces!
Recruitment is currently open for the 428th Buccaneers!
Pilot and WSO slots available.

We are primarily a North American organization, though we have a few members in South America and Europe as well. We currently operate four servers: one server for training and three fiber optic data-center servers for missions and dynamic campaigns. You are very likely to find people to fly with on our servers on any weekday, usually from 3pm Pacific until 9pm Pacific (0700 UTC to 1300 UTC). We are also active throughout the days on weekends on our Dynamic Campaign servers unless events are otherwise scheduled.

Our membership includes several civil and former military aviators, but don’t think we are looking for professionals only, because we're all here to have fun! We don't expect you to be like Chuck Yeager or Robin Olds! We prefer good attitudes because good skills can be learned. We ask only that you bring that, a willingness to learn solid tactics and cooperate as a team, and dedication to undertake our training syllabus. In return, we will provide our own individual attention to develop your skills.

Student Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) starts with VFR flying and navigation, landing and take-off patterns, then moves on to basic aerobatics, close formation flying and air to air refueling. Progression is at the student's pace and flight status is based on the ability to fly safe and to adhere to some basic operational standards. We don’t expect you to demonstrate mastery of these concepts to pass the syllabus; rather we’re looking for a base level of competence and desire to improve upon which we can build.

If you wish to perform the Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) role in a multi-crew aircraft, we have instruction in this regard as well. The WSO/RIO curricula are developed by two former real life back-seaters, and include A/A, A/G, and principles of situational awareness. Prospective WSOs can be confident that they are receiving excellent training, and pilots can be confident that the WSOs will transform their experience for the better! (The RIO position is currently not officially taught as a general rule because of the inactive status of the VF-142 Ghostriders, although individual instruction can still be made available.)

The VAF uses multiple airframes, and the nature of our dynamic environments will often have people flying helicopters, as well as warbirds, cold-war aircraft, and other aircraft not represented by our squadrons. However, for purposes of coordinated events, we ask that by the time members complete SUPT, they choose a primary airframe and a squadron to go with that airframe.

The following airframes are represented within the VAF. Active squadrons: The 111th FS Aces (F-16C), the 428th FS Buccaneers (F-15E), the VFA-136 Knighthawks (F/A-18C), and the 163rd FS Blacksnakes (A-10CII). Inactive squadrons: The VF-142 Ghostriders (F-14A/B), the VFA-131 Wildcats (F/A-18C), and the 75th FS Tigersharks (A-10CII).

The VAF also boasts custom aircraft skins, of which individual skins are earned by completing our SUPT program, and custom nose art if and when you complete a full checkout on air to air, and air to ground proficiency.