About The VAF

Mission Statement

The mission of the Virtual Armed Forces is to foster camaraderie and friendship in an online club in which we use real life tactics and knowledge to achieve a positive outcome in a simulated hostile environment. We also strive to achieve a high degree of training in all aspects possible of combat flight simulation, and model that training as closely as possible in our scenarios.

The VAF is a combined unit group based on several different real life active and inactive squadrons. Our squadrons are the VFA-136 Knighthawks and VFA-131 Wildcats F/A-18C Hornet fighter/attack squadron, the 75th-FS Tiger Sharks A-10C attack squadron along and our VFA-142 Ghost Riders intercept squadron F-14B. We also work in partnership with our NATO pilots group the Black Veal Squadron. We fly organized missions including A2A, carrier operations, ground attack, helicopter support and some supporting ground operations.

The VFA-136 Knighthawks and VFA-131 Wildcats are our primary Fighter/Attack/SEAD squadrons with a supporting role in some ground attack operations. The 75th-FS Tiger Sharks is our primary ground attack squadron. Our newest addition is the 142 Ghostriders who fly the F-14B. We are starting to use this iconic aircraft in our organized missions now.

Rank System

The Virtual Armed Forces does not attempt to model real world military protocol and rank systems. We are not here to salute and to fill out forms, we are here to learn, fly and have fun. There are only four possible positions within the squadron, “Pilot or Wingman” (lowest), which is responsible for following the lead pilots instructions, “Element Lead” (middle), which is responsible for the lead of the squadron element, “Flight Lead” (highest flight position), which is responsible for the entire flight group in formation and “Squadron Commander”, which is responsible for the entire mission command. All new members start out as “Pilot or Wingman”, until they prove they are able to follow instructions and show ability to be in a lead position.

Board of Directors

The Virtual Armed Forces is also not associated with, nor attempts to model real world military organizations. We are first and foremost a flight simulation club. We have a board of directors that runs the organization instead of a rank based system. The board meets on a regular basis to make decisions about the direction and status of the club or organization. Regular meetings are held with the general members who can make suggestions on how the organization should be run but the general members do not have any voting rights. All club decisions are made solely by the board of directors and are final.

The board of directors consists of members of the organization. In order to have a stable final decision by the board, there will always be an odd number in the board (3 or 5). The only way that any member can be selected to be on the board is by the current board of directors. If one board member decides or wishes to be removed from the board of directors, they must make the board aware of their request and the board will vote in a new member of the board of directors. The board of directors can vote out another board member if they wish but the vote has to be unanimous.