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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The mission of the Virtual Armed Forces (VAF) is to foster camaraderie and friendship in an online club in which we use real life tactics and knowledge to achieve a positive outcome in a simulated hostile environment. We also strive to achieve a high degree of training in all aspects possible of combat flight simulation, and model that training as closely as possible in our scenarios.

Rank System

The Virtual Armed Forces does not attempt to model real world military protocol and rank systems. We are not here to salute and to fill out forms. We are here to learn, fly and have fun. There are only four possible positions within the squadron, “Pilot or Wingman” (lowest), which is responsible for following the lead pilots instructions, “Element Lead” (middle), which is responsible for the lead of the squadron element, “Flight Lead” (highest flight position), which is responsible for the entire flight group in formation and “Squadron Commander”, which is responsible for the entire mission command. All new members start out as “Pilot or Wingman”, until they prove they are able to follow instructions and show ability to be in a lead position.

Board of Directors

The Virtual Armed Forces is also not associated with, nor attempts to model real world military organizations. We are first and foremost a flight simulation club. We have a board of directors that runs the organization instead of a rank based system. The board meets on a regular basis to make decisions about the direction and status of the club or organization. Regular meetings are held with the general members who can make suggestions on how the organization should be run but the general members do not have any voting rights. All club decisions are made solely by the board of directors and are final.

The board of directors consists of members of the organization. In order to have a stable final decision by the board, there will always be an odd number in the board (3 or 5). The only way that any member can be selected to be on the board is by the current board of directors. If one board member decides or wishes to be removed from the board of directors, they must make the board aware of their request and the board will vote in a new member of the board of directors. The board of directors can vote out another board member if they wish but the vote has to be unanimous.

Rules & Regulations

1. The VAF is a non partisan organization. It is against the policy of this group to discuss any issue related to politics or religion. We are not here to debate supreme court rulings, decisions by any branch of government or any religious organization. We are here for the purpose of enjoying DCS World flight or ground combat simulation. Any discussion, soap-boxing, proselytizing or commenting about anything political or religious is subject to immediate review and/or immediate dismissal from the group.

2. Under no circumstances will any current general member or board of directors say anything negative or inflammatory towards another member either on our communication channel, Teamspeak, through email or on any forum including the current VAF forum. Any negative or inflammatory comments or actions will be cause for immediate expulsion from the group.

3. To become a member you must be at least 18 years of age, have a good quality computer and HOTAS control system, have a good quality microphone headset and a good quality and stable internet (no satellite or wireless) connection.

4. All members are required to have Skype, a VAF website account and also must subscribe to the VAF BBS Forum system and check into the BBS and calendar on a regular basis to keep up with current events.

5. You must not be a current member or applying to be a member of a different DCS World group or squadron. The VAF spends a lot of time training our members in realistic combat tactics and flight procedures. If it is your intention to squad-hop or use the VAF as a stepping stone into another group or squadron you will be dismissed from the group immediately!

6. All members must use a valid email address for communication. The VAF will be happy to provide an email address if requested. The address will have the VAF domain (ex: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Email for members using the VAF email server can be accessed either with an email client like “Outlook” or the webmail server.

7. All members must attend at least one flight event on a bi-weekly basis or a minimum of 3 events per month. If you are a member and you cannot meet the minimum requirements for a short period, you must inform a squadron commander or board member. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a period of three months you will be placed on the inactive members list and will not be allowed to participate in any organized event.

8. All members must provide an in game callsign that does not conflict with any weapon, vehicle, aircraft or system, or with any other current members callsign.

Source Information

  • All images except for Wikipedia images are courtesy of Eagle Dynamics screenshot tool or from the Eagle Dynamics website.
  • Additionally, all information from external sources have been credited to those sources.