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NATO / Allies

The VAF currently does not have a dedicated NATO branch. There are so many different modules to choose from that it would be difficult to organize. However, we do fly organized missions with other groups like the 65th VFS and the Black Veal Squadron. The 65th is a dedicated F-15C aggressor squadron and the BVS is a group of motivated pilots proficient with the range of jet and helicopter modules available. So we keep this list open so that virtual pilots know that we don't specifically limit our scope to the three listed squadrons.

At some point we may decide to add an official NATO branch. This branch would be responsible for battlefield support operations such as helicopter SAR or anti-ship strikes in the Viggen. It would also depend on how much interest there is from people within the VAF to create and support this group. VAF members to occasionally fly helicopters or other air-frames but our primary air-frames are the ones in the main squadrons.